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Shenzhen Sen Warner Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (ShiNe) is a specialized manufacturer 5050RGB. The company has always been committed to high-grade light-emitting diode (LED) research and development, manufacturing its ultra-bright full-color series of products, covering the landscape lighting, the perfect balance of performance and price of LED products to all corners of the world. As one of the industry leader in LED, Mori nanophotonic its competitive prices, to the success of many enterprises to provide outstanding reliability product line, its stability, ESD indicators, amplitude attenuation, consistency, light curves have excellent performance, etc. Sen Warner photoelectric have ultra-clean, anti-static plant, the most advanced full set of solid crystal, wire, plastic closures, by separation and other automated equipment, master the latest international packaging technology, research and development, manufacturing team more than a decade experience to develop and design at excellent LED production skills, all the raw materials taken from the brand suppliers, delivery on time quickly. Sen Warner photoelectric committed to providing customers the highest quality products, services and solutions to create more value, in order to win customer trust and loyalty. Sen Warner made more than ten years LED photoelectric management business management experience in the industry elite and technical experts. Senior management personnel and the backbone of the Chinese high-tech enterprises with good training, the prime of life, the pursuit of ecstasy. Sen Warner photoelectric speak adhering to the "to upgrade the industry level, to create core values, among the industry leaders," the mission, relying on a solid financial resources and a large pool of talent, to support innovation in the field of high-end LED, adhere to lead the world and China's development of photonics technology, national semiconductor lighting project to contribute.

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Shenzhen City Sen Warner Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

Phone:13927432329 0755-29466456

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Q Q:2850399810

Address:Shenzhen Shilongzai 4 7th floor benevolent Road Hi-Tech Industrial Park

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